Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally making plans

After several weeks of constantly being on the verge of vomitting...I made plans! I got back from Jacksonville this evening, after a much needed visit with Lindsey, and used her calming effect on me to conjure progress from within. (Did you know gmail has a tasks application?It's very useful).
My fantastic boss in Pittsburgh introduced me to a friend of her's in NZ, who generously offered to not only pick me up from the airport, but also to stay with her for a few days. This feels like a good omen.
After that I'm off to Coromandel (see google image pics), famous for their hot springs from volcanoes? I think that's why they're hot. Then back to Auckland for a few, with the hopes of finding a job or meeting some fellow travellers who want to venture south with me.
But I have the next couple weeks figured out!
Really sad about leaving my cats, but otherwise feeling pretty good.

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